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Volume discounts for multiple license purchasers and resellers

Each individual FDSE license costs $40. A 50% discount is offered for qualified bulk purchases subject to these requirements:

Please contact Fluid Dynamics if you would like to discuss other bulk licensing or co-branding options.

* Value-Added Resale - Policy

FDSE is not meant to be resold by itself. If somebody wants the purchase a normal license to the engine, then the xav.com web site is the only place they should visit.

However, in a variety of cases, FDSE is provided to a customer along with associate services from a third party, like customization or hosting services. It makes sense to the customer to pay a single bill to the third party. These third parties providing services thus act as value-added resellers of FDSE, and if they sell in sufficient volume and meet the other criteria above, then they can receive the bulk discount to reflect our savings in overhead.

    "Volume discounts for multiple license purchasers and resellers"