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Filter Rules: Using the "require approval" rule

A web page affected by a "Require Approval" rule is indexed, but placed in a holding area. This page will not yet come up in visitor searches.

The administrator is given a chance to review the page and then make a decision about whether or not to add it. The administrator is notified by email if the submission is made by a visitor and the email settings are configured; or, the administrator is notified by the "Approve" link which appears next to the realm on the Manage Realms page.

If a web page already exists in the index - like http://xav.com/ - and then it triggers a "Require Approval" rule during re-indexing, then the original record will remain in the index unchanged until the administrator deals with the new approval-required record. At that point, if the new record is denied, the original record will also be removed from the index. If the record is approved, the new record will overwrite the old.

    "Filter Rules: Using the "require approval" rule"