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Administration: Creating a "file system" realm


A "file system" realm is used to search a web site that is hosted on the same physical server as the search engine. This type of realm discovers and indexes web pages by directly opening files and folders on the web server, instead of requesting pages over the Internet using the web crawler.

Features and Benefits

A "file system" realm has these features and benefits:


A "file system" realm has the following limitations. For these reasons it is not selected as the default realm type:

Creating a Realm

Follow these steps to create a "file system" realm:

  1. Go to the FDSE admin page and log in.

  2. Choose the Manage Realms link from the navigational menu.

  3. On the Manage Realms page, choose the first link labeled Create New Realm.

  4. Select the fourth realm type, labeled Website Realms - File System Discovery. Enter the appropriate URL and file system path for the web site to be indexed. FDSE will attempt to default these values for proper indexing of the local site, but sometimes FDSE is not able to accurately auto-detect the folder path. In those cases you will have to ensure that an accurate path is entered.

  5. Click the Create New Realm button to save the realm.

  6. Return to the Manage Realms page. The new realm should be listed with zero pages. Choose the Rebuild link to build the index.

    "Administration: Creating a "file system" realm"