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Filter Rules: Bypassing directory listings of empty directories

FDSE can be made to not index directory listings for folders that are empty. This behavior is controlled using a custom Filter Rule with the "Deny" action. As of FDSE version, this rule is present and enabled by default.

Note: most installs of FDSE will already contain an enabled copy of this Filter Rule, named "Skip empty directory listings". If this rule is already present, you can just confirm that the "Enabled" property is checked and you will be set. Otherwise, go to "Admin Page" => "Filter Rules" => "Create New Rule" and create a new rule with the following parameters:

Parameter Value
Name: "Skip empty directory listings"
Enabled: [x]
Action: (*) Deny
Analyze: (*) Document Text
Occurrences: 1
Logic: (*) Apply rule only if...
( ) Always apply rule, unless...
Strings: (empty)

After creating and/or enabling this filter rule, you will need to rebuild your search index to have the changes take effect.

The filter patterns above apply to Microsoft IIS 5.0 and Apache 1.3. Different web servers, different versions, and different configuration options may prevent these patterns from matching directory listings on your system. If this happens, please cut-and-paste the HTML source code of your directory listing and send it to Fluid Dynamics. I may by able to help in devising a pattern that will recognize your listings. You may also post to the Discussion Forum on this site for assistance.

See also Filter Rules: Creating a new Filter Rule and Directory listings in the search results.

    "Filter Rules: Bypassing directory listings of empty directories"