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How to display all records

When users perform on a search on "thewildcardisaveryspecialcharacter", the search will return all records in the index.

Examples of this behavior are:



The first example returns all records in all realms. The second example returns all records in a specific realm.

To use this feature with a different special keyword, you'll need to edit the library file "search/searchmods/common.pl" and find the string "thewildcardisaveryspecialcharacter". It will appear once in subroutine format_term_ex. Just replace that string with something else, like "searchall". Users can then search using that different name.

Note that, internally, this special string is used as an escape sequence for the wildcard *. If you have customized the wildcard behavior such that it does not match all records, then this escape sequence will not return all records (see Wildcard (asterisk *) behavior and how to customize it). Also note that this special string cannot be found literally within documents, so you should not replace the string with a keyword that people normally need to search on.

    "How to display all records"