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How to use FDSE to search Romanian text

This help article describes how to configure FDSE to best search Romanian text encoded with the iso-8859-2 character set.

Note that FDSE only officially supports Latin characters sets. I am not familiar with Romanian. The information presented here is based on the experiences of those who've translated the product to Romanian. Additional comments and corrections to this information are welcome. I may not be able to answer questions because I don't understand the language. - Zoltan

Follow these steps to search in Romanian:

  1. Make sure you are using FDSE version or newer. That was the first version to ship with a the partial Romanian translation.

    Note that only 88% of strings are currently translated from English to Romanian. For more information on how to translate additional strings, see Translating the user interface.

  2. From the Admin Page, choose "User Interface" from the navigation bar. From there, scroll down to "Language and Locale Settings". You may select the language labeled Romanian / ro.

  3. Edit the library file "search/searchmods/common.pl". Do a substring search for:

    my %extended_charset = (

    Assign the following values, overwriting the previous lines:

    186 => [  's',  's',    0,    0, 'Masculine ordinal'],
    222 => [  't',  'T', chr(254),    0, 'Capital Thorn, Icelandic'],
    254 => [  't',  't',    0,    0, 'Small thorn, Icelandic'],
  4. After updating the extended charset map, you should rebuild all of your index files. You will then be able to search Romanian text from a Romanian interface.

    "How to use FDSE to search Romanian text"