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Help with downloading

This article is for those who have trouble downloading FDSE.


You may download from either of the following locations:

The FTP server may work best.

The folders above store all versions of FDSE, indexed by version number. A copy of the latest stable version of FDSE is also available at:


Each version comes with a *.zip and a *.tar.gz version. The source files within each version are identical; the compression method is the only difference.

Both the *.zip and *.tar.gz archives can be extracted using Winzip on Windows and Stuffit Expander on the Mac. On Unix and Linux, use "unzip" or "tar -xzf". Some older versions of Unix/Linux require "gzip -d" and then "tar -xf" to decompress *.tar.gz archives.

"Invalid header" error

If you receive an "invalid header" error while decompressing, it was most likely due to downloading the *.tar.gz version over HTTP. Try using the FTP link above, or try downloading the *.zip archive.

Selecting a version

Always install the latest version. The latest version will be the one with the highest build number, and the latest "last-modified" date.

The complete latest version will be stored as "fdse.[x.y.z.wwww].tar.gz" where x.y.z.wwww is the version number. For newer versions, there will also be a much smaller file "fdse.[x.y.z.wwww].en.tar.gz" which is the same script but with only the English language packages. You can always install additional language packs from the "User Interface" screen after you've set up the script.


If you continue to have trouble downloading, please post to the FDSE Discussion Forum. Include a detailed description of the error.

    "Help with downloading"