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Preventing usage spikes due to automated access

The Fluid Dynamics Search Engine can handle one search query every few seconds. FDSE will have trouble if it receives more than one query per second for a sustained period, or if there is a spike of many requests in a single second. In those cases, FDSE will begin to use significant CPU and memory resources. If high utilization occurs for an extended period of time, you (or your web host admnistrators) may need to shut down FDSE.

Here are some common reasons for high utilization, and ways you can avoid them.

If you or your web host administrators beleive that FDSE is using too many resources, it is important to investigate whether automated queries are responsible. If so, then the problem can often be solved immediately, and you can go on enjoying FDSE.

To investigate the cause, you should scan your web server log files, looking at all requests to FDSE. If many requests come from the same IP or User-Agent, then the problem is likely automated queries.

    "Preventing usage spikes due to automated access"