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How to index only the titles of documents

From time to time, customers want to only index the title tags of documents, and to not index the META tags or document text. While this approach is not likely to improve search results in most cases, it will be useful in some special cases and it can be done with FDSE, as follows:

  1. Go to FDSE Admin Page => General Settings. Set the "Max Characters: Text" to 0. This prevents the document text from being indexed.

  2. Set "Max Characters: Description", "Max Character: Auto Description", and "Max Characters: Keywords" to 0 as well. This prevents the META tags from being indexed.

  3. Set "Index Links" to 0 (unchecked). This prevents extracted links from being indexed.

  4. Finally, rebuild your index. Only the title will be extracted from each page.

Note that FDSE always searches the URL string as well as the other text fields like title, META tags, and document text. Thus keywords which appear in the URL, like "scripts" in "http://xav.com/scripts/search/", will always generate a match. There is no way to disable the searching of the URL string.

    "How to index only the titles of documents"