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Support for mysql dropped in FDSE version

As of FDSE version, the "mysql" data storage option is no longer supported.

Options for mysql users

If you are currently using FDSE version or older with the "mysql" data storage option, here are your options:

I regret any inconvenience to mysql users. As always, I will gladly assist by performing the data migration and upgrades for you if you wish. And, if you feel FDSE no longer meets your needs without mysql, I will gladly provide a full refund to you.

Reasons for this change

Support for mysql data storage was added in FDSE version, in November 2000. This functionality was experimental. After several months of testing and attempts at refinement, it was concluded that mysql could not be made to work with FDSE in the same way that text files were used. mysql is a relational database and is only powerful when used as a relational database. When a mysql table is used as a simple replacement for a multi-column text file, the text file will always be faster and more straight-forward to use. This is particularly true when using Perl, which has been optimized for scanning text files.

The mysql code was too slow to be of value. In retrospect, it should have been removed immediately. However, several users developed an attachment to the mysql data storage option and requested that it remain. It was kept for reverse compatibility, though new users were advised to not use it. Starting with version in June 2002, all copies of FDSE included the text: "Note: all mysql code will be removed from FDSE in an upcoming future release. Please use the file system storage method instead (which is the default configuration.) In the far future, the mysql code may be re-written and added back in, but in the meantime the current mysql code is slower and has many bugs."

Though mysql remained in the product, the speed issues were never addressed. As bugs were fixed and new features added to FDSE over the years, only the code paths related to text data storage were updated. Thus, the mysql code paths became less and less functional. Support for mysql continued to generate support traffic in terms of bug reports and help requests. It also cost some new users in frustration and lost time. In addition, having the support for mysql, even though it wasn't used, increased the FDSE admin code footprint by about 25%.

During the development of build 0064, a user requested help with mysql data storage. A brief inquiry revealed just how fundamentally non-functional the mysql code had become, prompting its long overdue removal from the product.

    "Support for mysql dropped in FDSE version"