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File pathname restrictions when using binary converters

When using binary converters (XPDF and Antiword), FDSE needs to shell out to the separate converter application and pass it a filename as a parameter. Problems arise if the filename to be passed contains shell metacharacters, such as the space, semicolon, ampersand, backslash or quote.

Passing of filenames is handled differently based on the type of realm and the filename:

The moral of this story is this: if you are using binary conversion, and if your binary files contains metacharacters in their pathnames, and if you are using file system discovery, then FDSE is going to do a bunch of extra work. In that case, you should use a more simple naming convention for binary files.

History: this logic was added to FDSE version Prior to that version, untrusted characters in pathnames would not be escaped, and would cause binary indexing errors.

    "File pathname restrictions when using binary converters"