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Advanced Search: Example of advanced search form

This help article shows an advanced search form that combies all specialized form fields available in FDSE. To use on your site, simply view-source on this document. Then cut and paste the form to your site. Edit the form action URL to match your copy of FDSE, and edit the list of realms to match yours.

Search Index:

Results per Page:

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String Handling:


Alternately, click here to browse all listings in the search index.

Power User Quick Tips

Quotes or punctuation bind phrases:

"tuna fish pizza"

The plus sign makes a term required. Use this to force certain keywords when searching with "match any term".

rocky road +flavor +"ice cream"

The pipe makes a term optional. Use this to give extra weight to optional keywords.

"i will make you hurt" |lyrics |"johnny cash"

The minus sign makes a term forbidden. Pages containing that term will be removed from the result set.

fdse help -"full-duplex switched ethernet" -netcard

Attributes search a part of the page or record:

text:"zoltan milosevic"
+domain:xav.com -url:xav.com/scripts

The asterisk matches zero to four non-space characters:

col*ring book

This search engine finds whole words by default; a search for "ncc17" will not match "NCC-1701". For partial searches, enable substring matching, or use wildcards "ncc*17*".

The above customized search form makes use of the following:

    "Advanced Search: Example of advanced search form"