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This set of scripts tests a web server's capabilities, including: CGI execution; SSI parsing; and sockets privileges.

These scripts are useful when debugging problems in higher-level scripts. They can be used to check if the problem in the high-level script is due to a lack of basic functionality on the server.

Latest stable version released February 26, 2001 [ see Version History ].

Demo of scripts:

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Why Would I Want to Use Testpak?

These scripts are helpful for isolating problems.

If you write to your tech support people and say "this convoluted 20,000-line CGI script that I downloaded doesn't work" then they will probably assume that the fault lies with the script, not their system.

If you can say "your Perl raw sockets functions initialize okay, but I get this specific failure in 'use Socket' and here are the 5 lines of Perl code to repro the problem", then maybe - just maybe - you will get some help.

In addition to harrassing your tech support department, these scripts can help determine whether your system will support certain functions, like sockets privileges, which are not universal.

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System Requirements

You can get a free website that meets these requirements at