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This script is copyright © 2001-2003 by Zoltan Milosevic, All Rights Reserved. Terms and conditions last updated November 7, 2003.

This script may be downloaded and used for any purpose, including commercial, provided that the Distribution Conditions are met.

This script is commercial software, even though no fee is charged directly. The script is distributed widely, under controlled conditions, in order to build name recognition and traffic for The greater name recognition and traffic lead to advertising revenue, sales of other products, and sales of CGI customization/installs.

Violating the distribution conditions infringes on the script copyright and damages the underlying business model. Any infringement claim against a violator may include: actual damages to the copyright holder; any profits earned by the violator; and statutory damages up to $100,000, plus court costs and attorney fees.

Distribution Conditions:

  1. The copyright notice and links to must remain in place, though any other changes are permitted. Those who substantially change the script - by, say, adding nice HTML formatting - are free to attach their own copyright to their own value-added work, but their claim would apply only to the value-added work, and would not compete with the original copyright.

  2. You may not resale this script or any derived work.

  3. You may not re-distribute this script - for example, by placing the original ZIP archive on your download site. To distribute the script, link to

  4. You may not charge for hosting this script as a specific service. For example, you may not charge users $10/month to host and maintain this script. (It is fine if you charge your customers extra for general CGI access, and the customer subsequently has this script installed. It is also fine to charge install fees or customization fees; the difference is the residual versus one-time nature of payment.)