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Xavatoria Search Engine
1997 - 1999
~ we will never forget you ~

Xavatoria is no longer supported.

Please use the Fluid Dynamics Search Engine instead.

The freeware version of FDSE has more features, fewer bugs, and is faster than Xavatoria. It also has a shareware version that you can easily upgrade to if you want.

If you are an existing user of Xavatoria, you can upgrade to FDSE. There is a help topic on how to upgrade your settings. Those who paid the $20 copyright suppression fee for Xavatoria may count that payment as credit towards the FDSE Registered Version.

Between 1999 and November 2003, the download and documentation for Xavatoria were archived on this site for those who still needed it. As of November 2003, those files have been permanently removed.